Mission Statement
PMG strives to use our experience and expertise to help our clients maximize the value of their property consistent with the responsible, ethical, and efficient operation of their investment.

Company Profile
Founded in 2003 by company president Scott J. Cambra and partner Shirley Endo, PMG provides complete property and asset management services to clients with residential and commercial holdings island wide. .

For commercial properties, we provide management and leasing consulting. Our commercial management portfolio includes approximately 25,000.00 square feet of office, retail, and warehouse space in Honolulu.

PMG, offers our residential property clients complete management services, including supervision of renovation and major projects, leasing, and realignment of rental rates. Our residential management portfolio includes more than 200 residential units. We also serve as managing agent for a number of homeowner associations.


Team Members

Scott J. Cambra, R(B)
Broker in Charge
Shirley Endo
Office Manager 
Brian Nishimura, R
Real Estate Agent, Sales
Kelana Cambra, RA
Property Manager
Niki Pang Kee
Office Assistant